Why Oils?

Promoting Good Wellness


Essential Oils and Mental Health

I agreed to become an independent distributor for essential oils (EO) at the end of May 2017. I knew immediately that it was something I wanted to tie into my mental health advocacy. I often share with others how I have taken more prescription medications than many other twenty-five year olds I know. I have been prescribed different anti-depressants medications, anti-anxiety medications, headache/migraine medications, and I have taken MANY over-the-counter medicines. My journey on dealing with mental illness involves me getting sick often, so not only am I dealing with the mental illness, I am also dealing with the physical illnesses that come with it. My anxiety can be through the roof to the point that my immune system is compromised. I’m sure that you can imagine in my most stressful times that I will catch a heavy dose whatever is in the air at the moment. I have caught bronchitis (my body’s favorite sickness to catch), stomach flus, regular influenza, or whatever my local medstop would call “upper respiratory infections.” Any stressful event will trigger a headache or severe migraine to the point where I will be confined to my bed until it goes away. Since I discovered EOs, I have been taking the time to incorporate them into my life to help with those stressful situations. I would diffuse them in my office to promote a relaxing and stress-free environment, and together, my husband and I use them around the house (i.e. to replace household cleaners, air fresheners, toothpastes etc.) We are slowly kicking the chemicals and toxins out of our home and replacing them with natural essential oil products. I have added yoga and meditation into my life and I diffuse my favorite oils for relaxation and focus. If you haven’t checked out my posts on WBYH, check out How I Use Essential Oils to Assist with My Treatment Process and 4 Oils to Use for Yoga & Meditation (or Any Self-Care Routine). I also am apart of a Young Living trio called Honeycombs, Teacups & Spreadsheets where three ladies talk about promoting healthy living and how we’ve used EOs to help with that journey.


What made you become an independent distributor?

img_7385-e1503262801654.jpgI knew that if I had my starter kit from Young Living and I had already done my research on them, that I would be a perfect candidate to sell EOs. I would tell people about experiences with EOs and they would go and purchase some from Walmart or somewhere that didn’t offer good quality oils. I became an independent distributor so that I can be the “middle-man” and assist people with getting signed up for the quality EOs they need. Being an independent distributor has also given me the confidence to host classes and tell others about my journey. In every class, I explain how we have been putting so many bad things in our bodies over the years. It seems like EVERYTHING causes cancer these days. I try to motivate people to look at the ingredients in the food they’re eating and the household cleaners they use. I give them healthier options. YL offers a variety of products for house cleaning. As far as replacing medications, I cannot promise that oils will CURE everything, but I feel like they are definitely worth a try. EOs don’t have the risks that over-the-counter medicines have. I still take my prescription medicine, but I use my YL oils to eliminate the need for ibuprofen, immune boosters, sleep-aids, digestive relievers, etc. Why do I need to purchase those over-the-counter medications if I have oils in my kit to help with those things? I want people to know about my journey with Young Living, and being an independent distributor gives me a chance to share it.


young_living_logoWhy Young Living?

I originally started with EOs from Amazon.com. I can’t remember what brand they were, and I thought they were working…which they were. I was introduced to Young Living by one of my good friends. When she gave a sample of Stress Away, I was drowning my wrists with it until I realized that I had used way too much. I was so used to drowning myself with “Stress Free,” which was the off-brand from Amazon, (that I later found out was only meant to be diffused and not applied topically, oops.) Young Living Essential Oils were so pure that I only needed a two drops to do what fifteen drops of “Stress Free” was “doing.” I was doing the same with Lavender, drowning myself with it so I could fall asleep. Once my friend gifted me a Starter Kit, I had everything I needed to get started NEW therapeutic grade A oils! I was no longer swimming in cheap, off-brand oils. Later, I found out how other companies can cut corners because their plants have been exposed to chemicals and pesticides, and that is how I was getting them so cheap. Chemicals and pesticides? That totally defeats the purpose of being NATURAL. Young Living has a Seed-to-Seal guarantee with their oils. I don’t have to worry about any “cancerous” things happening to me because I was using oils that were distilled from plants exposed to chemicals…*eye roll*. Check out the video below.