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Medicine Changes and Prepping for Motherhood

Let me start this off by clarifying that there are no buns in the oven. (LOL) I still want to continue sharing my journey with you guys since I’ve gotten better. You guys have seen (or read) me at my worse! My journey doesn’t end just because I’m better. Besides…I’m still taking medicine for continued ...

The Struggle of Finding “The Right” Therapist, How Many Therapists is Considered Too Many?

And now it’s 3:49am and my thoughts are racing. I’m in graduate school and I’m wondering if I could go to my school’s counseling center to see another therapist until I can get back in with my current. I should be able to just stick it out, right? Besides, I only had to push my ...

Irish Singer Sinead O’Connor Pleads for Help in Facebook Video

Click Here to view the article posted by Fox News.   When Your Brain Hurts