Chester Bennington’s Family Speaks on Suicide Prevention

Trigger Warning: Suicide, Depression

Growing up, Linkin Park was one of my favorite bands. I remember being in high school and blasting their debut CD Hybrid Theory from my bedroom which I shared with my little sister. She was also a Linkin Park fan since she was 8 years younger than me and forced to like everything I liked. I related to their music so much and it definitely helped me through some tough times in my adolescent years. Music was and still is my release, as it is for many others.

This summer, when I found out that we lost Chester Bennington to suicide, I was heartbroken. Another person I admired lost; it was devastating. And at the time, I was not in the best mental state myself. I saw all of the familiar articles with statements from family and friends saying “he was the happiest he had ever been” “everything was fine in the moments leading up to it”. It really just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how much money or fame you have, mental illness and suicide do not discriminate. A person can appear happy, but be deeply depressed and tortured internally; believe me, I know.

I read recently that Chester’s family plans to establish a suicide awareness organization in his name. They want to help fans and others who may be suffering and to discourage copycat suicides. I think that is an awesome thing to do; to bring more awareness to mental illness is a great way to honor his legacy, and if one more life can be saved it is more than worth it.

September is suicide awareness month and we at WYBH encourage you to reach out to your lifelines if you are feeling suicidal or even if you aren’t but you feel you are in crisis.

Click here to view the TMZ article.

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