Anxious Ramblings Entry #12 – The Day My Accommodations Were Compromised

First off,  I need to tell you that I had to quit my job and it wasn’t a planned event.

Now, I will tell you the story…

I wrote about working with my accommodations after I went through the humiliating process of requesting them through Human Resources. I spoke about how I was able to perform better and give the quality work I knew I was capable of. Although, my workload did not change, I was in a calmer environment where I could focus on my projects and assist my clients during their appointments. I also spoke about the stressful thoughts that came across me in my Neurofeedback Documentary Part 2. If you didn’t get a chance to see that video, I spoke about the changes coming to our organization and how a wrench would be thrown in the accommodations I worked so hard for. Requesting accommodations and opening up about my disabilities was a two-month process. I had the accommodations for one month, and they were taken away the following month.

My position already had a workload heavier than those in other departments. Then, a day came when I found out they were taking our away our administrative assistant. Sounds like a big issue? Not really. If my position had a normal (and workable) workload and allowed me to take care of things myself, it wouldn’t have been a problem at all. This change came along with an office destination change, a supervisor change, and the removal of the help I once had. I was optimistic about the new office change, but I knew that I would have to go through my accommodations request AGAIN with the NEW supervisor, (who wasn’t very understanding when I spoke to her). I had worked with this organization for a year until I couldn’t do it anymore, which is why I requested help in the first place. I mean, we are all counselors here. If I knew that I was going to have a workload way heavier than the other counselors, I wouldn’t have accepted for the job. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the client workload that forced me to resign. It was the lack of empathy and the hand dealt to me that resulted in the declination of my health.

I was afraid of that happening. I voiced my concerns to my new supervisor. I explained to her that I had to request accommodations because I was struggling to complete the workload I had. Now, they were requesting me to produce more and retain more clients with less help. The problem could’ve simply been solved by spreading out my caseload to other counselors so that everyone has the similar size caseload. I shouldn’t have been booked with 9 appointments a day, overloaded with numerous emails, an office move, and a new supervisor with no counselor-backup. The other counselors had 2-3 appointments a day (at most) and time to walk around the track and exercise. WTF? I’m looking back at the situation and patting myself on the back for keeping my cool.

The excessive caseload wasn’t a surprise to me. What WAS a surprise to me, was the increase in work I received after voicing my concerns to my new supervisor. Normally, I don’t speak up for myself., but I had begun to get sick again and I felt it getting worse. 

So what exactly happened after I moved my office again? What happened leading up to my resignation? What am I doing now? I’ll be posting Part 2 of this post later this week.


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