How I Use Essential Oils to Assist with My Treatment Process

Aside from prescription medication, psychotherapy and neurofeedback, I’ve incorporated Young Living’s Essential Oils into my treatment process. None of these can completely treat mental illnesses, but they all do a wonderful job of removing many of the negative symptoms I experience throughout the day. Young Living’s Essential Oils are pure and totally worth every cent I have spent. I was gifted a starter kit from a good friend for a wedding gift.

Although I love ALL of my oils, I have a select few that I use to cope on a daily basis.


#5 Panaway & R.C.

The ultimate duo for my migraines, (mine are usually triggered by physical exertion, anxiety, excessive sleeping, bright light or loud noises). Panaway is a blend used to sooth any physical discomfort, usually relating to stressed muscles. R.C. is a blend that contains oils that help you with energy so I can still get my work done and not allow my migraine to throw a wrench in my plans. It also contains eucalyptus oils which helps with muscle stress and helps to relieve mental stress. My migraines bring on a storm of stumbling blocks, so I need the full sha-bang to knock it out. I also have to sit and relax while diffusing these oils to give my body time to absorb them. Strong smells aren’t quite a trigger for me. If you suffer from migraines, I’d recommend you diffuse these two a little at a time until you find out how much is required to soothe your pain without making it worse.


#4 Sensation

SensationEveryone knows that having anxiety can be a mood killer. You come home from a long day at work and your mate is up totally up for the cuddles?! You’ve had such a stressful day and don’t even want to THINK about being touched. This blend combines jasmine and ylang ylang oils (as well as a few others) to improve mood and increase sensual and romantic feelings. It really helps set the tone for you and your partner and removes any annoyed feelings you may have brought home from the work day. You may have had a long day at work, BUT you have someone to come home to. This blend will definitely help you kick out of work and/or parent mode and into lover mode!


#3 Lavender


Want to go big? Keep it simple. Lavender has so many uses and it is a CLASSIC oil that everyone should have in their home. I use it for relaxation, especially if I’m having trouble winding down when I get home. I sometimes have Lavender alone OR I’ll mix with Peace and Calming (#2, see below) to set the environment for a good night’s rest. Lavender was the first oil I diffused when I received my starter kit and my husband was having trouble sleeping around that time of the year. A few drops of Lavender in our diffuser had him KNOCKED OUT with the laptop still on his lap. Obviously he didn’t intend to fall asleep, but it had a hilarious benedryl-type effect that I cannot resist sharing. We talk about this whenever we want a good laugh. It obviously didn’t take much of this ol’ classic to put him to sleep. So now when we are having trouble sleeping, I put a couple drops of this in my diffuser 30 minutes before bed and we drift off into a deep slumber. I cannot survive without the proper amount of sleep. He can go to work with only 3 hours of sleep, I can’t. That is why it is #3 on my list.


#2 Peace & Calming 

Peace and Calming

After being so worked up all day and dealing with the distractions and issues of LIFE, the last thing I want to do is worry myself to the point where I cannot simply relax. Sensation, Lavender, and Stress Away all have calming components in them, but Peace and Calming is for the person who simply wants peace and calmness in their home. You can diffuse this oil while meditating, watching television, cooking dinner, or you can use it to calm down the children in your home. This blend helps us all to bring it down a few notches at a time without “knocking you out.” However, diffusing Peace & Calming with Lavender will have you in a sweet coma, literally. I love it.


#1 Stress Away

Stress Away

Stress Away is BY FAR…the BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME. I keep this in my office and I keep a small sample in my purse for emergencies. I’ve always identified anxiety as the illness that is most crippling to me. It prevents me from getting work done, it prevents me from thinking clearly and it prevents me from winding down after a long day of work. Before I began using Young Living oils, I would use an imitation brand which had a blend called “Stress Free,” and that was a total waste of money. It wasn’t until I was able to try Young Living’s pure Stress Away that I was able to believe in oils really working. I was caught by surprise when given a sample of Stress Away and found myself completely relaxed after keeping my diffuser going during the work day. Because I’m a pessimist, I wrote it off several times before I was able to give Stress Away the credit it deserves. Now I’m totally willing to give credit when it’s due. Stress Away…I will forever be your number one fan and I will take you everywhere I go. Thank you.


Young Living has SO MANY different oils–singles and blends. As you see, I’m a huge fan of the blends, but the singles are still CLASSIC (i.e. Lavender). They have so many oils to help you sleep, increase your focus, give you energy, calm your anxieties, and restore your joyful spirit when you’re feeling down.

Some oils have the following disclaimer listed: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use. So you’ll always want to proceed with caution if you’re expecting.

If you’d like to know more, let me know! Thanks for reading 🙂

When Your Brain Hurts

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