Do You Know an Anxious Child? 5 Videos to Help Explain and Give Relief to Children With Anxiety

I was very anxious as a child. I didn’t realize how anxious I was until it was explained to me during my therapy sessions in adulthood. I wouldn’t have had a clue even IF someone had explained anxiety to me at that age. Gozenonline is a YouTube Channel that’s dedicated to educating children on what’s going on with their mind and body. Although I looked calm as a child, I would throw up from being so nervous about simple things and wet the bed involuntarily (especially during my pre-adolescent years). It’s hard to share and speak about it as an adult, but it shows just how much children are affected too. Check out these videos below!







Overall, I love this YouTube Channel, these are just a few of my favorite videos. They are great for adults too. Enjoy!


When Your Brain Hurts

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