Brainmapping Results

My results were astonishing.

My neurofeedback technician made it clear that these results were not a diagnosis. They are just there to show where my strengths and weaknesses are and what I’ll need to focus on during my brain training.

Client Map1The brain mapping technique measures brainwaves according to the different sections of your brain. My abnormal areas lie in F7F8, T3, and O2. The F in F7 and F8 stand for my Frontal Lobe (which is where my forehead is located.) The T in T3 stands for my Temporal Lobe (which is located near my temples), and the O in O2 stands for my Occipital Lobe, (which is located in the bottom half of the back of my head). I show no abnormal areas in my Parietal Lobe (P) or my Central (C) Lobe, (central is not really a LOBE…the name is only used for identification purposes.) She always hooks my CZ up when we are doing neurofeedback exercises…but my cap was able to map multiple sections at a time.


After explaining the brain mapping process, she had me fill out a questionnaire about my experiences within the last few months. It asked me questions like if I have trouble reading paragraphs, or if I have tCognitive Efficiencyrouble figuring out math problems etc. All of these questions were asked to give the technician an idea of what I thought about myself. Above the categories that were measured, you will see “CEC” which stands for Cognitive Emotional Checklist, CEC reflected my answers to the questionnaire that I was asked to complete prior to my brain mapping. You will also see “EEG” which stands for Electroencephalography. EEG represents the actual measurement of my brain waves…so you can see the categories I thought were problematic, versus the categories my EEG showed to be problematic.

My results showed that my probability level is high with attention, verbal processing, decision making, visual processing, motivation and memory when it came to my cognitive efficiency. It also showed that my probability level was moderate with reading comprehension, problem solving and math comprehension.


Focus Mood Relaxation

The EEG also measured my focus, mood, and relaxation on a scale that ranges from 0 (Good) to 10 (Poor).



My emotions and my self-esteem are most problematic. The other symptoms–not so much.



My assessment did not show that I suffered from impulsiveness, disorganization, anger, irritability or worry which was surprising to me (given– I feel like I’m always worrying). It gave me the impression that my anxiety might be coming from somewhere else.


I was told that my depression and my anxiety definitely has a negative effect on my brain, but my brain waves mimic those of someone who is suffering with Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD). My issues with attention and memory are what seemed to be most problematic.

The signs of ADD were surprising to me at first, but my friends DO call me “Grandma” because I literally forget everything. I know when I’m speaking on my experience with mental illness, I have period of blurriness in my life where I don’t remember anything; I originally thought that this was just my brain coping with trauma, I could still be right. I often find myself writing down important points about people so that I can ask them about that point when I see them again. I never saw anything wrong with this, but I often feel awkward when I don’t remember something significant that was told to me. It always made me worry that I was so self-centered that I couldn’t remember anyone’s life changing events. My forgetfulness was inexcusable in my opinion. Although my brainwaves show that I struggle with attention, I was still able to graduate Magna Cum Laude in undergrad. I don’t feel like it has effected me academically because I was always able to go home and teach myself. I only pretended to pay attention during lectures. My lack of attention has probably effected me more in my personal life, (i.e. I often feel overstimulated when around a lot of noise, or light…and having a sensory overload is another trigger of my migraines.)

I asked my technician if the brain training I was doing was going to help with my anxiety and depression. Of course I want to fix the other problems…but I wanted to know more about what I came for. She referred to my delta brainwaves as the “crying baby in the room,” and explained that we would need to “turn down my high delta waves” before we could focus on the other issues. Fair enough.


Metabolic Analysis

My assessment also consisted of a Metabolic Analysis, which I decided not to COMPLETELY share for personal reasons. It was only based on the questionnaire I did and not my brainwaves. It told me that the probability of me struggling from hypothyroidism was moderate, and that I should request blood work to make sure everything is good. This was all based on me checking off symptoms I’ve experienced in the past few months.


Supplements Analysis

Based on the physical symptoms, the EEG gave me a suggestion of supplements to take in this Supplements Analysis.


When Your Brain Hurts

  1. jasnwilliams93 May 18, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    This is extremely interesting! It calls out to my analytical side. Very well presented with plenty of information to explain the content. It made me want to try because for every personality test or questionnaire I take, I feel as though my answers aren’t accurate. For instance, choosing answers that I want in the future to be true rather than what I do at this moment in time and have been known to do before.

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to more posts!



  2. This was an excellent read and really opened my eyes to brain mapping. Thank you so much sharing your experiences!! This has helped me greatly.



    1. No problem, Amber! Let me know if you have any questions!



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