Anxious Ramblings Entry #1 – I’m Selfish

I feel extremely selfish for tuning out people around me. If I sense any negativity or pessimism coming from someone’s spirit, I will flee far away from it.

I do not feel like I am at the point where I can handle the negative thoughts of the world. I am ALREADY a negative thinker, why would I listen to someone who makes me feel worse about life? I am constantly around an individual who is negative about EVERYTHING. I can be negative, but I keep it to myself because I never want it to bother anyone. Since I am so cautious about the complaints I make, I expect others to make the same effort.

I have days where I cannot handle anyone’s doubts OR complaints. I keep myself isolated for this reason. I need QUIET, I need POSITIVITY, I need GOD, I need HELP!!!!!

Please Lord, help me escape from the negative energy around me. Does my behavior affect others like theirs affect me? Am I even using the right “affect?” I use food therapy to cope with my own imperfections and then I feel bad when I realize that my body is not what it used to be. I should probably stop complaining now.


When Your Brain Hurts


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